Child Support Agreement Template for Word

Child Support Agreement finalizes the separation of parents. Of course, it’s the last thing that any couple would have ever wanted. However, things can turn bad in life that it forces into separation. Children often brings their own part of problem in the divorce process. Setting an agreement of child support should be enough to ensure children can still get the same supports from their parents even after the divorce.

Child Support Agreement should bind parents to provide all financial supports that children required until they are considered adult by the law. Most of the time, couples are having difficult time to set up Child Support Agreement with no dispute between both parties. As divorce process always involves painful heartbreaks, it’s common that the process to come into an agreement for child support in both parties can take quite some time.

Child Support Agreement Template for Word
Child Support Agreement Template

What Condition That Requires Child Support Agreement
Divorce process is a difficult step in life, yet couples must decide on Child Support Agreement. The following conditions can become the main reason of setting in this agreement.
– Married couples with children going into divorce process
– Unmarried couples with children agreeing on separation

There are special cases where the parents aren’t bound in legal marriage. However, the presence of children makes a big difference. Parents, most of the time it’s the father, have the obligation to provide financial support towards their children. With such agreement, children can still enjoy all the facilities and comfort even though their parents aren’t together.

What To Include In Child Support Agreement
Most of the time, Child Support Agreement is about financial support for children born during the marriage or partnership period, but it actually doesn’t always come in the form of money. It can be facilities support or even affectionate support from parents. In short, you can find some of the most common supports included in the agreement:

  • Details contact information of both parties
  • Identity of the children which becomes the main subject of the agreement.
  • Financial support which can be based on monthly period or even longer period of time.
  • Period of time the children will still receive child support fund.
  • The one with custody right of the children.
  • Visitation schedule for the other party that doesn’t get custody right.

Child Support Agreement Makes Important Support for Children
It’s expected that children won’t be missing their parents entirely with this Child Support Agreement. Besides, it also clearly informs responsibilities and duties that each party must obey in the eye of the  law.

Since every states and countries would require specific format or information to be included in the document, you should consult with your attorney before signing this kind of agreement. The Microsoft Word template below is one of those samples that you can see to give you a short description what child support agreement is.

  Child Support Agreement Template (14.1 KiB, 1,329 hits)

Child Support Agreement Template

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