Checkbook Register Template

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Some people usually use a checkbook register to record anything in your expenses. It is true that the use of a checkbook register to record expenses is easier and simpler, however you need to have a self-discipline to do it, otherwise you will end up losing track of how much money you have spent. It is a part of how you plan your personal budget.

Checkbook Register Template for Microsoft Word
Checkbook Register Template

What kind of information that you should write down in your checkbook register? To make it easier for you to start, you can download the free word templates in the internet. It will be a good starter for you to plan out your personal budget. You can also customize it based on how you need it. Edit some of it if you feel that you don’t need them or add some information that you think is important.

The information that you can find in a checkbook register are usually your name, the checkbook period, beginning balance, statement balance, and checkbook balance. These things are the general information that needs to be present on the record. Then you will also find the lists that record the expenses you have paid. You also need to write down the time, item, category, type, description, debit, credit and balance. Now, you can see how much money that you have used and you can make evaluations based on it.  With this kind of record you will be able to make some adjustment to your personal budget such as reducing the unnecessary expenses.