Rent Receipt Template

Rent Receipt Template for Word

When someone has made a deal to rent a house, apartment, business rooms, etc, he/ she certainly will be given a Rent Receipt by the property-owner. The receipt is certainly so important for the renter because it is the goods to show when the rental is begun, the names of the renter and the owner,…

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Payment Receipt Template

Payment Receipt Template for Word

Every section in a company is important to sustain the life of that office itself. Every section is stand hand-in-hand to give their best contribution, so the company’s goal can be achieved. However, the archer of the company lies on the operational activity such as selling and purchase. Organizing the selling and purchasing company service…

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Donation Receipt Template

Donation Receipt Template for Microsoft Word

If you have a foundation which receives people’s donation in the form of money or goods, then you should have donation receipt to record everything your foundation has received. The receipt will work as the prove to other people about how much they have contributed or donated for your foundation, so they can bring it…

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Delivery Receipt Template

Delivery Receipt Template for MS Word

If you are in the business of delivery, then you must be aware of an item that called delivery receipt. This receipt is a document (usually in a single paper only) that must be signed by the person who has received products or other goods as the statement that he or she has actually received…

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