Waitress Cover Letter Template

Waitress Cover Letter Template for Word

Waitress is a name for a female person who usually works in restaurant or cafe to serve its visitors. This is also a kind of part-time jobs which popular among students who want to earn additional income for their living or for paying their school fees. Working as a waitress doesn't require special skills except…

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Paralegal Cover Letter Template

Legal Assistant Cover Letter Template for Word

Paralegals or legal assistants are people who help lawyers in their administrative tasks eventhough some of their works also the same with lawyers. For paralegals who already works for several years, they won't have a problem writing their resume as well as its cover letter. But, if you are just graduated from college, perhaps you…

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Medical Assistant Cover Letter Template

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Template for Word

Medical assistant is a person who perform clinical as well as administrative tasks to support the work health professionals. Usually, they will do daily tasks and routine procedures to record patients health and medication. This is position which requires patience as part of emotional evaluation for employer, usually hospitals, to hire new employees. You can…

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Janitor Cover Letter Template

Janitor Cover Letter Template for Word

Janitor is a person who have a responsibility to clean any indoor buildings. They are also called cleaners, and nowadays are organized by companies whose focusing in housekeeping business or organized by building owner itself. This is a kind of position which will grow if you see new buildings or apartments are built every year.…

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Computer Technician Cover Letter Template

Computer Technician Cover Letter Template for Word

This is a computer technician cover letter template that you can use together with your resume and certificate for computer technician application. Since this is only a sample, make sure that you rewrite it again using your own words and emphasize on your own achievements and skills. Dear Sir, I am writing this letter in…

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