5 Apology Letter Templates

Apology Letter Template

Nowadays, habit of writing letters to people tends to decrease with the raise of mobile messenger that will send any messages quickly. But, it is still needed to make it more official and represent you either as a person or as a company. In this article, you can find five apology letter samples you can…

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Letter of Intent Template

Letter of Intent Template for Word

Letter of intent template will be very useful for those of you who are in a serious negotiation and towards an agreement between two or more parties. Then when you are in negotiations relating to the business and involving others, the better you have a letter of intent before the negotiations leading to a deal.…

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Event Coordinator Cover Letter Template

Event Coordinator Cover Letter Template for Word

Event coordinator is a job to plan and organise specific events, such as parties, wedding receptions, new product launches, banquets, conference, meeting etc. As a career, event coordinator is a relatively new career field. Basically, there is no official certification or degree required for this field. Eventhough there are several training might be available which…

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Teacher Cover Letter Template

Teacher Cover Letter Template for Word

If you are an experience teacher, you won't find any difficulties on writing a cover letter to accompany your resume while submitting an application documents for teacher position in a new school. But, if you need a sample letter to give you ideas about what to be written in your cover letter, you can read…

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