Drop Ship Contract Template

Drop Shipping Contract Word Template

Get the Drop Ship Contract Template that available to use for drop ship supplier, vendors, and many more.  The drop ship or in other word is called with direct shipping is a supply chain for business distribution where the vendors transfer the purchase order and the shipment details to the supplier or wholesaler. The supplier…

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Sales Contract Template

Sales Contract Word Template

Written contract is very important to make not to mention in selling terms either goods or services. The agreement between two parties will ensure the rights and obligation that deserve to receive or must be fulfilled by the responsible side. The contract will explain the terms of sales of products. Usually people will offer two…

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Auto Bill of Sale Template

Auto Bill of Sale Word Template

When you buy a used car, you should ask for an auto bill of sale. It is a legal document made by the car seller for the purchaser. For the purchaser,it is a proof for the payment he made for the vehicle. For the seller, this auto bill of sale is a proof for sales.…

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Purchase Agreement Template

Purchase Agreement Word Template

Create a sale record in a written document will help and give benefits for both the seller and the buyer. It is advisable to create document called purchase agreement that also known as purchase agreement form, purchase contract or purchase and sale agreement. Those are basically same that to officially record any selling buying transaction…

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Photography Contract Template

Photography Contract Word Template

What is the importance of creating photography contract when doing photo shoot for any purpose either personal or commercial? Actually, it is advisable to use contract because it will relate to intellectual property and privacy. The person who is taken the pictures must be protected the privacy and he or she has full of extent…

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Marriage Contract Template

Marriage Contract Word Template

When it goes to a marriage, it will be better to consider about marriage agreement first. Marriage agreement is a contract before a couple marry. In the most marriage agreements, they are drafted and signed of the date of marriage. As an agreement, it is usually intended to deal with legal issues such as divorce.…

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Business Contract Template

Business Contract Word Template

Business Contract is not just a piece a paper that you sign together with your business partner. This contract represents rights and obligations that both parties have in the agreement. Basically, it describes the outline of responsibilities of each party in detail, also the share of profits as result of the partnership. In short, it…

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