Meeting Agenda Template

Meeting Agenda Template for Microsoft Word

In business, a meeting can mean more than just a formal gathering. It is also an important time where each attendance can share ideas and get the forum agreement for the company’s best. It is when you and other invited people in the meeting can discuss any business plan related to the current issues in…

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Phone Extension List Template

Phone Extension List Template for Word

Working in a big company which has several departments can be troublesome for some people. The cause lies on communication system. In the past, people have to see the concerned staff in different department right away. This means that they have to walk to their offices somewhere. Of course, it is not efficient and time…

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Travel Advance Request Template

Travel Advance Request Template for Word

Doing travel with your friends of family should be a great experience though the case will a bit different if you decide to do business travel. By doing business travel, you must at first obey to some regulations that have been setup by certain company. Business travel, at the same time, characterized within the intention…

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To Do List Template

To Do List Template for Microsoft Word

In a day, people might go to office and do many things relate to his profession. Basically, it is only an example of common thing that will be done by people in a day. The whole notion of doing something is a person might do many activities outside, like writing essay in a public library,…

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Facsimile Form Template

Facsimile/Fax Form Template for Microsoft Word

A template is a ready made form of a document which people can customize it based on their need so they can finish their job faster and easier by only adding the information needed on it. In this modern day where internet works in every part of people’s life, a template can be very useful…

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