2020 Calendar Template

2020 Calendar Template for Microsoft Word

2020 year calendar template is a one-sheet calendar template that allows its users to create a yearly calendar using Microsoft Word easily and quickly. A yearly calendar is a calendar that shows all 12 months on a single page, thereby enabling the monitoring of all events taking place in the entire year without needing to…

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2018 Calendar Template with US Holidays

2018 Calendar Template with US Public Holidays

2018 calendar template with US public holidays is a Microsoft Word template with 2018 tabular month table in one page. And, it has notes for US public holidays at the bottom of its template. Holiday dates also shown with particular font and background colors to differentiate with other dates. In dealing with frustration, people nowadays…

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2016 Monthly Calendar Templates

2016 Monthly Calendar Template

A monthly calendar template for Microsoft Word allows easy and quick creation of a calendar for scheduling tasks, events and appointments. Creating a separate calendar for scheduling and organizing purpose is important because although marks can be made and notes can be pinned on a generic calendar, doing so is not a well-organized behavior because…

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2015/2016 Academic Calendar Template

2015/2016 Academic Calendar Template for Word

An academic calendar is a type of calendar that is usually used in academic setting. This kind of calendar aims to provide source of information about planning for all members in academic setting including students, lecturers, department, faculty, and university activities in common. Sometimes it includes some events that will be held by organizations under…

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2014 Monthly Calendar Template

2014 Monthly Calendar Template - MS Word

Trying to figure out what you are going to do next year and finding the suitable 2014 monthly calendar? As you can barely find the sellers of 2014 calendar, it will be better for you to create the calendar by yourself so you can personalize by yourself. To help you speed up the process of…

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2013 Linear Calendar Template

2013 Linear Calendar Template for Microsoft Word

Basically, this is another type of calendar which grouped and arrange its dates in horizontal cells instead of block cells where you usually found in many calendars. So, you will hardly find it in the market or even in internet, especially if you plan to make some customization. Some people are more comfortable using this…

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