Car Maintenance Log Template

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The need to enhance the quality of mobility to gain more efficient and also comfortable benefit may become a must for any modern people nowadays. That’s why the idea to buy a car may become more and more important for any people to gain. In this case, you need to realize that a car not only can support the way you conduct mobility but also to increase your prestige. Yet, having a car doesn’t mean that you may become careless about the condition of your car. It is because as the time goes by, your car may gain reduction in performance quality indeed. The fact is that your car can also gain damages that you may regret later because of your ignorance in maintaining your car’s condition.

Auto Maintenance Log Template for Word
Car Maintenance Log Template

Besides you need to conduct safe and better driving activity, there is another significant thing to pay attention which is to conduct regular service and maintenance to car’s workshop. Whether you are regular people or those who work as mechanic, you need to know that there is certain sheet that you need to prepare before you can conduct such car service and maintenance. It is the car maintenance log. The purpose is to record the data of current car’s condition during the service and maintenance whether there is error or not.

Beside using this sheet for yourself, you can use this auto maintenance log in your company in order to monitor all company’s car usage and maintenance. It will be useful for you who manage the car to see conditions of all cars before they are being used for operational purposes. This car maintenance record template is created using Microsoft Word and can be modified to suit your own parameter. Put your date and mileage, and start type the sample codes, for example “S” for service, “Rl” for replace, inside item columns. You can define your own codes as well as typing your maintenance item in available columns.