Birthday Party Invitation Checklist

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To celebrate your birthday party you need to invite the guests, and not to miss any person you want to come to your party, you need to create Birthday Party Invitation Checklist. If you do not know how to make the checklist, the Word template is available for you. You can download and save it on your notebook or you can print it out.

Birthday Party Invitation Checklist Template
Birthday Party Invitation Checklist Template

The Birthday Party Invitation Checklist is a four-column checklist. You only need to fill the name of the people you want to invite and their phone numbers. If you have more guests to come, you can add or print more pages. Once you send the invitation, you can mark the “check box” and note the status of your invitation whether he or she has already confirmed to come or not. Since you may need to re-invite some guests, you can put a note on your checklist so that you will not forget about it. There is a birthday image in the background that you can replace with your own image.

When you organize a birthday party, having the invitation checklist on your hand will make it easier to do it. You will know the numbers of people who will come to the party and who they are. Some guests may be special persons that you must treat differently. If you have the special guests, do not forget to put a note on your Birthday Party Invitation Checklist.