Bill of Lading Template

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Bill of lading is an important document in freight shipping, which is mandatory between shipper and carrier. This is a legal document that will bind every detail about where the package is going to be delivered, shipping times, and where it is coming from. Bill of lading can be a document that will act as a receipt for shipping services.

Bill of Lading Template for Word
Bill of Lading Template

Bill of lading should have detailed information inside, so that there will be no misunderstanding and confusion between the carrier and shipper. This is a document that will declare the value of goods so that everyone knows the price. It needs to be contained with an item’s weight that is being shipped, and if there are many of them, they should be weighted separately. This will be useful when there is any charge needed for the weight, so they can examine each item.

Add the shipping date to bill of lading, too, including the original location of where it is coming from and when it will arrive in the destination. This will help you in tracking your shipping times and its rate. You can download the sample of bill of lading below created in Microsoft Word, and you can make any modification to make it more suitable to your needs.