Behavior Contract Template for Word

When you are a teacher and you want to control the behavior of your students, you can just use behavior contract. In specific, behavior contact is a kind of intervention or agreement between you as a teacher and your students and even the parent of the students. The main function of this contract is to motivate students to obey the rules.

Behavior Contract Template for Word
Behavior Contract Template

The Reason to Use Behavior Contract
There are several reasons why you should use behavior contract. It is good for you to use behavior contract to fix your communication and your students. Moreover, you can also organize your students easily than before. Because your students are controlled by the behavior contract, they will have self responsibility. As the result, they can also focus on their study and achieve better score.

The Right Time to Use Behavior Contract
There is a case that you don’t know when to use behavior contract for your students. Actually, you need to use this type of contract if you see that your students are having behavior problems. For example, it is a good option to take behavior contract if they don’t obey or listening to your advice. In higher level, your students are can’t be controlled and organized. This is the right time for you to use this kind of contract. In short, if they disobey the rules and don’t want to obey your advice for several times, you might consider them to sign the behavior contract.

The Way to Apply Behavior Contract
Before applying behavior contract, it is better for you to find a behavior contract template first. You can find it faster by downloading the template. The good news is that several websites are offering behavior contract template for free to download. Then, you start to print it and use the contract template. The behavior contract template consists of several elements. Those are including:
–       The name of the student
–       The Date of using the contract
–       The rules or the goals you want to make to the students
–       The column to write down whether your students are obeying the rules or disobeying it.
–       The total for a day whether for obeying rules and disobeying rules
–       The student comment
The elements of behavior contract mentioned above are for positive behavior contract. There are several types of behavior contracts you can use and it depends on your need. Hopefully, you can control and organize your class well whether for you as the teacher and especially for your beloved students. Below is one sample of behavior contract template in Microsoft Word you can use as a reference for creating your own contract.

  Behavior Contract Template (24.0 KiB, 755 hits)

Behavior Contract Template

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