Award of Excellence Certificate Template

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Giving appreciation to the children is one of ways to motivate them. If you are a teacher, you can do this to make the students get more enthusiastic to study in the class. You can tell them that you will give a special certificate to the one who has the best grade. Or, this idea can also be realized when the school is holding a competition among the classes. The winner deserves for obtaining both certificate and prize. Does not it sound a good idea to push the students’ spirit up?

Award of Excellence Certificate Template for Microsoft Word
Award of Excellence Certificate Template

Award of Excellent Certificate can be a special gift to a student or everyone who earns the best predicate among the others. Besides teachers or competition organizers, this award can be handed by the parents to their children. Of course, it may have no value, but for the kids, the certificate means a lot. They will be proud of the achievement they can earn although it is not as good as the winner. Well, whether you are a teacher or parents, the idea to design and print the award of excellence certificate should not bother the mind. It has been much easier to find the free template to be copied and customized. You do no need to use any program too. Simply copy the sample of template in MS Word that you can download below.

Believe it or not, a simple thing may mean a lot for the children. They love to be gifted and appreciated. With this kind of award, they will always feel enthusiastic to do the same thing with a better way. For students, the certificate will be an attractive thing that makes them more motivated to study harder and obtain the best grade in the class.