Artwork Bill of Sale Template

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If you run a commercial business, it is important to record all transactions. This task is probably overwhelming. However, monitoring the financial flow from purchasing and selling the store inventory will show the earned profits. The collected copies of invoices or bill of sale can be proof of how much money has been delivered to the active account of financial report. For artwork trading, you will be able to use the free template to create your own customized invoice.

Artwork Bill of Sale Template for Microsoft Word
Artwork Bill of Sale Template

Artwork bill of sale is a trading agreement for artworks. Unlike the conventional invoice, this one allows you to record the time and prices of the sold artwork. With the customization, it is also possible to mention the buyer’s name too. If your business coverage is large enough, tax preparation must be one of the responsibilities to fulfill. The sale bill of the artwork can be used to support this fulfillment too. Besides keeping a record of the sold artwork, time and buyer’s name, the custom invoice also works to state the artist’s right. It will also include the information about the possibility to make a copy or do the reproduction. Without having to explain, you can tell what the buyer will have as a consequence of making a copy illegally through this bill.

The template for artwork bill of sale is still able to be modified. If the design has been able to accommodate your needs of complete invoice, then it is not necessary to do the modification. However, since each business may have different written rights and obligations, you will have to customize the template based on your needs.