Apology Letter Template

Nowadays, habit of writing letters to people tends to decrease with the raise of mobile messenger that will send any messages quickly. But, it is still needed to make it more official and represent you either as a person or as a company. In this article, you can find five apology letter samples you can use as reference to create your own. Some of them can be copied directly into your messenger application or email and send it quickly.

Apology Letter Template
Apology Letter Template

Apology Letter to the Company

An apology letter to a company was written for for different purposes depend on the mistake that was made. It was possible that the company is your business  partner, or maybe you work in this company or there is also the possibility that the company is your client. No matter what is the mistake you make, when you write an apology letter to a company then you must write a formal letter with the  best structure and sentence. This is an example of an apology letter to a company.

To Susan Lawrence,

Along with this letter, I would like to make apologize for my action in the other day. I was fully aware that my action that day is not professional and very disrespectful to the company and this is not the kind of action that was allowed in professional meeting like that. I make a mistake by accusing the company for not supporting their employee simply because I heard some rumors out there without even bother to check on the fact.

The action that I made that day can’t be changed in any other way so the best thing that I can do right now is to apologize for the action. Along with that, I promise that I will give my best try to make sure that there will be no same mistake happen again in the future.

I ask for forgiveness about everything that I have done and hopefully it will not affect the professional relationship that we have all this time. It was part of my duty right now to make sure that every action and reaction that I and my team made in the future is the professional attitude and hopefully we can continue our cooperation soon.


Apology Letter to Customer

Your customer is the most important part of your business. If in some way, there is mistake happening that make them feel inconvenience or unsatisfied for the product or service that you give them, then you need to take time to write an apology letter. It will soothe their inconvenience and show them that you and your business company are taking time and pay attention in every possible way to satisfy  your customer. This an example of apology letter for your customer:

Dear Ms. Sandra Black

It was very embarrassing for us and we are truly and deeply sorry for your inconvenience.  We are sorry for the mistake that happen that day and make you feel very inconvenient about that. The accident that happens that day in our store has made you unable to get pass and make you late to come for your important meeting.

We understand very well that we make promises to give the best service  and product for our customer and since we are unable to give deliver the promise that day to you as our customer, we are really sorry. We are committed to learning from our mistakes and do everything in our power to make sure that there will be no mistake ever happen again in the future.

Once again we are really for the inconvenience that you have gone through and to show you how sorry we are, we are giving you the compensation of free membership fee for the whole year. Please feel free to contact us at anytime for further information and question.

Yours in Service

Apology Letter to Teacher

As students, there are times that you feel that you don’t understand about everything that your teacher trying to teach you. Emotional control is a new thing that teenager tries to learn and there will be times when you got frustrated enough and lash out your anger to your teacher. If you understand that this is not a wise action and you need to apologize for it, then a simple letter will be a very good start. This is an example of apology letters for a teacher that you can learn about.

Dear Mr. Thompson

I want to say that I am very sorry for the things that I had done. I was deeply disturbed that day and that is why I yell in front of you and said all those harsh words that was not supposed to come out of my mouth. It was very disrespectful of me and I am really sorry for that.

I was clearly unaware of my action and it wasn’t until later that I realize how childish my action looks like. For that action I am truly and really sorry for that. Everything that happens that day has taught me a lot of things and I have understood that there are better way that I can do if I ever encounter anything like that, instead of lashing out my anger and do the inappropriate action like what I did the other day.

I understand that everything that you have done is for the good success of me and my friend as your students. It was what I need and what I want for my future and you can expect me to have a better attitude and better action in the future where is still wanting to learn many things with your help.


Apology Letter to Girlfriend

It is sure that you don’t have to go to love master just to ask him to writing you an apology letter which will be sent to your girlfriend afterward. In any type of relationship high tension, differences, and small disputes becomes usual. However, they might also lead you to the sense of stressful. This is a point where an apology letter for your girlfriend could become crucial.Here is a sample to girlfriend apology letter that you can modify later.

Dear Rosa,

I know that I did something terrible since our last awful fight. I know that “sorry” was a bad expression, as it couldn’t become a word that expresses how very sorry I am. I’ve made you hurt badly, so let me show my deepest remorse in here. I felt so bad to know that yesterday I couldn’t come to our anniversary. I tried hard doing my business, to only found later that I was unable to finish my business at time. What makes by feeling so bad was I can’t even contact you immediately. Believe me that everything is not going well as I have planned. All I can do is apologizing.

I hope you understand all difficulties I met. I also understand how your feeling might be: you are deeply angry, right? All I can give right now is only some excuse. That’s all, and I can’t turn back the time.

I just want to tell you something: that I love you so much, more than you can imagine. I sincerely hope that my future is belonging to you. For the last words, I’m very, truly, deeply sorry and I hope my sweet chocolate will help you forget the past and put everything behind.

With all my soul and my love,

Alfred Molina

Apology Letter for Boyfriend

Sincerity is the most important part that you must include in every apology letter that you wrote. When you make an apology letter to your boyfriend, then it means you have done something that hurt his feeling for an action that you do. Stick to the mistake you made, and apologize for it. Never make an excuse because you are writing an apology letter and not trying to save your face from the mistake you make. This is the example of apology letters to boyfriend:

Dear Randy,

I write this letter to you because I don’t know any other way to ask for your forgiveness. I simply don’t know how to face you after everything that happen that time and hopefully this letter will express how I feel sorry for the things I do and hope that you will forgive me.

It was stupid of me to accuse you for doing bad things like that. It was not my place to shout and yell at you in front of your friend. My emotion takes control and I accuse you for things that you don’t ever do because I was too stupid to find the fact first. I am sorry for all those bad words that I’ve said. I know it must hurt you bad.

I don’t know if you can forgive me for doing that. I love you and I hope you can give me another chance to fix everything I do and allow me to learn to see everything before make any accusation.  Please forgive me and allow me to be part of your life again.

Love to hear from you soon


If you want to have those apology letter samples written in Microsoft Word, you can download Microsoft Word letter template below and change its content with selected letter.

5 Apology Letter Templates

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