Job Description Template - Administrative Assistant

This is an Administrative Assistant Job Description Template which cover some parts of this broad job category, that you can use as a reference as an employee to do the job or as a supervisor/manager to delegate the job.

Job Description Template - Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant Job Description Template

Administrative Assistant Duties and Responsibilities :

  1. Maintaining the workflow of the company by studying methods,  implementing the cost reductions; and developing reporting procedures to gain the company’s success
  2. Providing information, some educational opportunities, and experiential of  opportunities to develop the administrative staffs.
  3. Coordinating the preparation of data reports, analyzing data, and identifying solutions to give the solution for administrative problem of the company
  4. Being responsible for creating and making a revision of systems and procedures by analyzing operating practices, the office layout recordkeeping systems, forms of control, budgetary and personnel requirements
  5. Giving contribute to the effort of team and accomplishing the result of the meeting as needed.
  6. Maintaining the filling system of the company such as hardcopy, softcopy that are related to the job
  7. Preparing the agendas for the future meeting
  8. Making sure about the operation of equipment, completing preventive maintenance of some requirements, including calling for repairs; maintaining equipment inventories, evaluating new equipment and techniques of working.
  9. Providing the information by answering questions and requests from the internal sections of the company
  10. Preparing and modifying document related to the job such as memos, notifications, letter, drafts and emails
  11. Making schedules and assigning administrative projects, expediting the results of the work to completes operational requirement to related company staffs
  12. Maintaining professional and technical knowledge for example attending educational workshop and trade exhibitions
  13. Preparing the written responses for various routine inquiries of the company
  14. Doing some clerical duties for the company such photocopying, or making a call
  15. Being in charge in handling the data and information related to the job

You can add or delete or modify some of those tasks to suit your task requirement. There is a Microsoft Word version you can download below to ease you on customizing the jobs.

Administrative Assistant Job Description Template

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