2018 Monthly Calendar Template for Word

These 2018 monthly calendar templates are suitable for people who want to put additional important information in their calendars. It should remind them what event that they should attend or celebrate when they see their marking dates. Not every people has strong memory to remember those important dates, especially if they are very busy and have plenty of schedules to meet. Or, if they are old persons who have difficulties on remembering anything.

2018 Monthly Calendar Template for Word

To use this template, you can start to open it in Microsoft Word, mark important dates and put its event description below respective dates. Then you can print it. You can set it to meet your paper size requirement. You can make it smaller to fit your note books or make it larger to put on your working desk or stick on your room wall. If there are any new plans or events needs to be added, you can write it directly using pens or markers. Don’t forget to circle around the date to make it eye catching.

There are 12 pages in the template where you can select particular months to print. You may want to personalize and print it one by one. It is all your choice. Since they are created using Microsoft Word, you won’t have any difficulties on personalizing them. Add background images, enlarge fonts, modify borders, etc.

Beside basic 2018 monthly calendar templates, there is a new template that is based on linear model where you can write your events description on the left side and cross out the dates on the right. This new model should be useful for you whose events are within one particular period instead of just happen in one specific date. It should fit for planning your tasks as well. You can download and see how it should work for you.

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2018 Monthly Calendar Template

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