2018 Calendar Template

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2018 calendar template is a one page calendar for year 2018. It uses Microsoft Word to create it. It has a plain layout which should give you opportunities to customize it to meet your own requirement. As usual, there is a basic model that you can download. There are three 2018 calendar template models you can download and use.

2018 Calendar Template - Year
2018 Calendar Template – One Full Year Page

The basic model only has 12 tabular months. No area for notes or additional texts that you might want to add. If you have needs for those additional texts, you may use the other two models. Other than 12 tabular months, you will get notes area at the bottom and at the side of each model. The model with the bottom notes should fit you who want to put important dates marker as well as their description. You can use font and cell color menu to colorize particular dates.

2018 calendar model with side notes field has a slightly different type of tabular months. All months are arranged vertically and their month tables are connected. You will get, like, a one full table with dates. There are month names at the left side. You can its look at the bottom part of the image above.

You can create one copy of them before start customizing it. Once you finished with customization, you can adjust its paper size to meet your printed paper requirement. It can be used as book insertion as well. So, you can always mark important dates while writing in your school books. Just don’t forget to adjust its size to smaller size since it has letter size as its default size.

Here are all the files you can download to prepare your plan for year 2018.

  2018 Calendar Template - Basic Model (31.0 KiB, 556 hits)

  2018 Calendar Template - Bottom Notes Model (33.0 KiB, 355 hits)

  2018 Calendar Template - Connected Month Model (30.0 KiB, 429 hits)