2018 Calendar Template with US Public Holidays

2018 calendar template with US public holidays is a Microsoft Word template with 2018 tabular month table in one page. And, it has notes for US public holidays at the bottom of its template. Holiday dates also shown with particular font and background colors to differentiate with other dates.

2018 Calendar Template with US Public Holidays

In dealing with frustration, people nowadays indeed may consider to conduct vacation. It will be beneficial because there are many different tourism destinations where you can spend vacation. For example is from certain modern country such as United States. Although United Stats can be considered to be advanced country, it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy natural atmosphere on such country while conducting vacation. Some of you perhaps have ever heard about beautiful places to visit in United States such as Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Liberty Statue, and many others. What I really want to discuss here is about public holidays which you can also enjoy during your vacation there.

If it is about public holidays in United States, there are actually two types of public holidays which are official and unofficial public holidays. Some noticeable official public holidays are New Year’s Day at 1st January, Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr at 15th January, President Day at 19th February, Memorial Day at 28th May, Independence Day at 4th July, Labor Day at 3rd September, Columbus Day at 8th October, Veterans Day at 12th November, Thanksgiving Day at 22th November, and also Christmas Day at 25th. There usually local people may stop their working activities during public holiday. If it is about the unofficial public holidays, what you can enjoy are Day of the Dead, Chinese New Year, Dyngus Day, Hellen Keller Day, Malcom X Day, Truman Day, Super Tuesday, Black Friday, and others.

In visiting United States, you not only can visit various natural vacation destinations and also enjoying local public holidays with local people but you can also various amusement parks, golf courses, museums, historical landmarks, outdoor recreation, and many others. Perhaps some of you still don’t know about United States’ traditional food right? In such democratic country, you may find various traditional cuisines from any different countries. It means you can enjoy whether Italian food, Chinese food, Hawaiian Cuisine, and fast food as well. If you visit San Diego, you can enjoy local food such as fried fish and fries especially during public holidays. You can also enjoy various wines there.

2018 Calendar Template with US Holidays

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