2018 Calendar Template with Canada Public Holidays

2018 calendar template with Canada public holidays is a Microsoft Word calendar template with Canada holidays markers inside it. Canada is a country where every person in the world met to be one nation. That is why there are so many public holidays in Canada that are celebrated nationally and locally, so what are they? Let’s check out below.

2018 Calendar Template with Canada Public Holidays

When we are talking about public holidays in Canada, maybe we will be little bit confused because each territory has its own holiday, but now we are talking about the national holiday first. Canadian celebrates New Year’s on 1st January. Good Friday which is celebrated on March 30th also becomes public holiday along with Easter Monday in April 2nd. Most business and public services are closed, including tourist service but usually some restaurants and hotels still open the reservation even though only several of them. Most people attend the church or gather with their families to have big feast and Easter egg.  Canadian love to have picnics or vacation at the Victoria Week, a week before Victoria’s Day is held on May 21st. Many public and tourist services are closed such as bank, schools, restaurants and stores. Recommendation for tourist, avoid this week because the booking schedule of travel can be so hard to get and expensive since it the highest peak of vacation. Other national holidays are Canada day on July 2nd to celebrate dominion status, Labor Day on first week of September and Christmas Day on December 25th.

Not all Canadian celebrate Family day which is celebrated on third Monday in February because only people in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario who celebrate it in this name. People in Manitoba call it as Louis Riel Day and Prince Island Edward citizen call it Islander day. It also happens in Remembrance Day on November 11th. This day is known as veteran day where people gather together and keep in silent for several minutes.  In all provinces it is considered as day off but in Ontario, everything runs as usual. Boxing day is the day that everyone is waiting for because on December 26th, most shopping center beat their prices and hold big clearance. All public services are closed except shopping center, but don’t worry public transport will run normally as usual.

Since this 2018 Canada calendar template is fully editable, you can modify its color marker or add more holidays to this calendar.

2018 Calendar Template with Canada Holidays

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