2017 Monthly Calendar Template

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This 2017 Monthly Calendar template in Microsoft Word is a suitable calendar if you are looking for a calendar with extra spaces in each dates where you can write your plan below respective dates directly. This calendar will fit any students who want to write their exams, courses, and holidays information together with its notes in a calendar that they can bring it anywhere. Students can print and fold it, and insert it in their school book that they can get and write it any time.

2017 Monthly CalendarTemplate
2017 Monthly CalendarTemplate

This calendar also fits with people who has plenty of events they need to attend within a year. Or, a secretary who has to write her boss’ agendas as reminder. Because it won’t be easy to memorize all of the agendas especially if you are a busy person. It is easier to write them on a calendar template that can be seen any time. Write it in your smartphone could be a solution, but you may need it printed since you may be forgotten that you have write something in your smartphone. You can insert this printed calendar in your book or put it on your wall so you always keep it within your sight.

Since this template is created in Microsoft Word, you can easily use and modify it. You can add more spaces if you need more for your agendas, change date font and border color, or even add new background to make it look nicer. And you can remove those note boxes if you don’t need it and just want to expand date boxes to accommodate more written information.

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