2017 Linear Calendar Template

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What is your resolution for the year 2013? You can write your resolution in 2017 Linear Calendar that will give you the overview for the whole year. Your resolution is how you start the year and you use the linear calendar to plan the way to reach your goals, evaluate your efforts, and see the results in the end of the year. With a linear calendar, you can easily overview what you will do in this year and what you can achieve in this year. For those who think that being organized is very important, 2017 Linear Calendar will help you organize the year 2017 easily.

2017 Linear Calendar Word Template
2017 Linear Calendar Word Template

They call it a linear calendar because they make the date of each month in linear order so the whole year will be presented in a single page. There will be twelve rows for each month and in each row, you can see the date of each month in daily order from Monday to Sunday. At the bottom part of the 2017 Linear Calendar, you can find “note” part that you can write notes for special days such as birthday events or holiday plans. Of course, you need to make the note as short as possible. You can print the calendar on the paper and stick it on your wall so you can easily see it.

Since many calendars are having tabular formats instead of linear formats, which people who will use the most of this type of 2017 linear calendar? From our perspective, event or project planner will see this type of calendar more suitable than other models. Because seeing date period marked in horizontal bars are more clear and eye-catchy than tabular formats. They can easily spot the date and plan their event/project period easily. And before make it official, they can print this calendar as a blank calendar, write and mark the dates in its printed paper and than put final dates into Microsoft Word calendar before print and make it as an official calendar planner. Remember to put your company/business logo on top of the calendar.

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