2016 Monthly Calendar Template

A monthly calendar template for Microsoft Word allows easy and quick creation of a calendar for scheduling tasks, events and appointments. Creating a separate calendar for scheduling and organizing purpose is important because although marks can be made and notes can be pinned on a generic calendar, doing so is not a well-organized behavior because it will cause the calendar to become dirty. Besides, because the calendar has already contained marks signifying holidays, adding marks to that calendar will cause confusion. By using a calendar template, a new blank calendar can be created and marks can be put on it without worrying about clutters and making the calendar dirty.

2016 Monthly Calendar Template
2016 Monthly Calendar Template

A 2016 calendar monthly template is not the only calendar template used for scheduling purpose because a yearly one is also a popular choice. Using a yearly calendar template is often a preferable option because the template shows all months on one page, thereby canceling the necessity to look through multiple pages of the calendar to access a certain month. However, there are actually several advantages that a monthly calendar template offers.

Why Using Monthly Calendar Template Is Advantageous
The following are three advantages of using a monthly calendar template instead of using a yearly one.
1. Bigger space to write notes on
Whether the notes will be made using a word-processing program before printing the calendar or using a pen after printing it, there will be much space to write those notes. This is especially beneficial if a long reminder or multiple reminders need to be made on one specific date.
2. A full page representing one month
Every page of the template represents one month. This allows users to focus on one particular month more easily.
3. Larger month, day and date labels
Because one page consists only of one month, the labels used to identify the month as well as all dates and days within can be printed with larger, clearer and more readable text.
4. A monthly calendar can be transformed into a yearly calendar easily.
Instead of binding all of the calendar’s pages in one binder, the pages can be fixed adjacently on a large sheet of A1 or A0 paper to create a large yearly calendar. This will allow users to enjoy both the advantages of a monthly calendar and those of a yearly calendar.
Those working in academic and business fields, in which organized scheduling is an important matter, will surely find this template a useful tool for them.

There are two files you can download below. The first one is a single Microsoft Word file consists of 12 month pages while the second one is a zip file with 12 separate months in 12 separate Microsoft Word files.

  2016 Monthly Calendar - Single File (62.3 KiB, 1,151 hits)

  2016 Monthly Calendar - 12 Separate Files (190.4 KiB, 1,017 hits)

2016 Monthly Calendar Templates

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