2015 Year and Monthly Calendar Templates

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For some people, year 2015 is a year where they have to decide whether they have to switch their job from employees to entrepreneurs. Is it the right time? With the rapid changes in online business where people are now focusing their marketing and sales campaign through internet, and with plenty of opportunities available in that area, 2015 could be the right time to become Online entrepreneurs. But, of course it needs some preparation to make sure they can survive and go to the right direction. You can choose to become a specific topic writer where you can earn your money from online advertisement, or to become a store owner where you can earn your money from products that you sell, either your own or other people products.

2015 year and monthly calendar template for Microsoft Word
2015 Year and Monthly Calendar Templates

To make a good preparation, they need to map their plan into a 2015 calendar where they can put their planned item into a more realistic plan, put their target, and see how the result will come up based on dates they set. Realistic plan will be seen by jobs that has been accomplished within target that has been set. For example, you can set how many articles that you have to write and post every week, and set how much earning you plan to achieve based on your published articles, or you can set how many products that you plan to sell every week, etc. There is still many more details you need to map into your 2015 calendar to make sure you don’t miss anything which could ruin your target. Becoming an entrepreneur is just an idea. There should be plenty ideas and plans that you might have in mind and it can be anything.

This calendar below should ease your job on mapping your plan before year 2015 is commenced. There are three type of Microsoft Word calendars you can download,
> a single page 2015 calendar with dates aligned in tabular arrangement where you can mark the dates by changing its font color or fill the cell background color
> a 12-page monthly calendar where you can write your plan or events directly inside date boxes. One page is allocated for one month. And there are also separate files if you need a specific month to be in one page
> a 2015 linear calendar where dates are aligned horizontally which allow you to plan your events and cross out respective dates in a horizontal position. This type of calendar should fit people who like to see their plans to be mapped in horizontal alignment instead of standard tabular alignment. Also, you can write some notes or important information below the calendar within the same page to give you a flexibility not to memorize or thinking about what important events that will be held on those marked dates.

You can personalize all of those calendars to meet your own requirement. These calendars below are particularly created for Microsoft Word 2007 and above. If you need a more advanced one, you can download 2015 Calendar templates in Microsoft Excel version.

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  2015 Monthly Calendar Template - Portrait (36.4 KiB, 1,540 hits)

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