2015/2016 Academic Calendar Template for Word

An academic calendar is a type of calendar that is usually used in academic setting. This kind of calendar aims to provide source of information about planning for all members in academic setting including students, lecturers, department, faculty, and university activities in common. Sometimes it includes some events that will be held by organizations under some educational institutions. As one educational institution may have different agenda from others, the academic calendar for each educational institution will be different as well. An academic calendar will always change from year to year. Hence, the upcoming academic year will use 2015/2016 academic calendar that will particularly different from previous academic year.

2015/2016 Academic Calendar Template for Word
2015/2016 Academic Calendar Template

Who need an academic calendar?
You will need an academic year if you are:
–       Everyone who works in educational settings.
–       School stakeholders, especially they will need 2015/2016 academic calendar since it will be useful for them to set up upcoming school agenda.
–       Lectures and teachers who need to keep their teaching and learning process start finish on the right time.
–       A student as this calendar helps to provide information especially about when the exams are held.

What does an academic calendar cover?
2015/2016 academic calendar provides source of information source about important date in academic setting in a year. Different with common calendar which usually only provides national holidays, the important dates in academic calendar are more various. It may consist of registration period, when the class start and end, the last date final assignment should be submitted, the dates for final exam, holiday, and graduation. It also covers national holidays like common calendar. An academic calendar even though different from department, faculty, and even university, it is very beneficial for you to prepare before new academic year begin.

What kind of academic calendar the most suitable for school?
There are various kinds of 2015/2016 academic calendar that are available. Each of them is designed based on the starting month when the majority of schools begin their new academic year. There are three months that are commonly used as new academic year which are July, August, and September. If you want to get it from internet, you had better to choose the one which is suitable with your school starting month. Here you can download templates for Microsoft Word. There are 4 available models where 2 of them will start on July while others start on August. You can personalize it to meet your school requirement. You can add another page as marking date references to explain any event dates you mark on those calendars.

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2015/2016 Academic Calendar Template

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