2014 Monthly Calendar Template

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Trying to figure out what you are going to do next year and finding the suitable 2014 monthly calendar? As you can barely find the sellers of 2014 calendar, it will be better for you to create the calendar by yourself so you can personalize by yourself.

2014 Monthly Calendar Template - MS Word
2014 Monthly Calendar Template

To help you speed up the process of creating your own calendar, you can download this 2014 monthly calendar template. It functions more as a planner for you; to sketch every important agenda or events in the upcoming year. Meanwhile, the monthly format enables you to make those plans more precise, since you have more space to write down some things. It is created in Microsoft Word so you won’t have any difficulties on modifying the calendar by yourself.

This 2014 calendar name is preceded by ‘monthly’ clearly because the form is not like the common calendar which covers all months from January to December. It is called monthly because the calendar is made per month. Thus, the tile will be, for example, ‘January 2014’, ‘April 2014’, ‘October 2014’, etc. There should be generally seven columns which represent the number of the day, from Monday to Sunday. Put your planned activities under the date and the ‘day name’ column which corresponds to it. Then you are done. Except you plan to adjust the layout, fonts, colors etc, and then you have to put your sense of art on making this calendar meet your art expectation.