2013 Linear Calendar Template for Microsoft Word

Basically, this is another type of calendar which grouped and arrange its dates in horizontal cells instead of block cells where you usually found in many calendars. So, you will hardly find it in the market or even in internet, especially if you plan to make some customization. Some people are more comfortable using this kind of calendar to plan their events compared with common block calendar which divide dates into seven days column. Using this calendar will ease them on marking consecutive dates especially if their plan is spanning over several weeks.

2013 Linear Calendar Template for Microsoft Word
2013 Schedule Calendar Template

If you are new to this kind of calendar, you can try to download and use it. Below the calendar, there are tables where you can put your important dates as well as important notes. You can modify the template, put your own marking, put your own events before you print it, or just print it blank and start to write your events and mark your dates using pen or marker. Don’t forget to put the calendar on the place that you access it frequently, for example your school locker, your working bag, your working desk, or your bedroom.

2013 Linear Calendar Template

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