Warranty and Insurance Claim Tracker Template

There are many insurance companies out there, each of which exists with the intention to help people manage the risk over any property they have. If an insurance company handles different types of insurance with hundreds of clients who owns a specified policy, then documentation has become critical.  There are many things we can tell, especially when we deal with the subject like policy documentation. This documentation record will be useful for both you and insurance companies if you lost your things because of being stolen, damaged or burnt and you want to claim the insurance.

Warranty and Insurance Claim Tracker Template for Word
Warranty and Insurance Claim Tracker Template

It is just merely a probability, a guess: that the tracker has proven to be useful, not for the insurers but for the insured persons. It comes through a form of a table which in essence can be created by using Microsoft Word. The table consists of 12 columns with dozen rows that can be modified based on specific requirement. There you can record any insurance policy that has been purchased from a specified company. By utilizing that tracker, you can record the whole things related to insurance product including the purchased date, expired date, warranty description, model and serial number, and so on. If you need a ready-made template, you can download a free sample below. So, you can fill the information in the table directly or modify it to suit your needs.

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