Vacation Home Rental Checklist Template

By | December 29, 2012

Before taking your holiday, you have to make sure that you already get the best home to stay while spending your holiday. It is better for you to rent a home especially if you want to spend the time with the whole family. To get the best home to rent, it is necessary for you to use a vacation home rental checklist. Actually, the function of the form is to make sure that the facilities and the services meet your needs. At least, you will get the data of the home you want to rent as your reference.

Vacation Home Rental Checklist Template for Word

Vacation Home Rental Checklist Template

Of course, you have to write down more than one home for rent. Then, you can compare and take the best one from the vacation home rental checklist you have. This kind of checklist is very important especially if you want to bring the whole family to enjoy the holiday. You have to make sure that each of family members is served well and it is strongly related to the facilities of the home itself. In short, this kind of list helps you to get the most suitable home to rent faster because you have the data in detail before taking one of them.

In this template, there several tables which correspond with number of areas within a house. In each tables, there are four columns you need to fill. The first column is item description, the second column is the checklist column to check whether the facilities are included or not. The third column is your expected specification or you can spare it for writing specification you will find there. The third column is the place where you write down the important note of the house such as the price, the strengths, and the weaknesses.

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