Proforma Invoice Template

By | November 14, 2012

In fact, if you want to order a product, you may need to use Proforma Invoice. This invoice is very useful if you want to make sure that you can get an evidence for transaction you have done with, in this case, the seller. A seller needs to give his buyer prove that they have done a transaction. In this invoice, there is something that you have to pay attention with, for example the date and the number of the invoice. Checking the date is very important so that you will know when the transaction happens, and the number of the invoice is also very useful because it will make you know your ID number of the invoice so that if it is different, you have to tell the seller about that.

Proforma Invoice Template

Proforma Invoice Template

In Proforma Invoice you can also see the name of the shipper and his personal identity. It is very important to read such an invoice. By doing this, you will know who the shipper is and if you find a problem with the product that you obtain, you can just call the phone number of shipper which is sometimes attached there. In the invoice, you can also find your name as the receiver. Check your name and address whether they are correct or not so that you will not get into trouble later on.

Proforma Invoice is very useful as a media to prove that you have done an import-export transaction with someone. Therefore, it is necessary for you to ask for this invoice from the seller.

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