Potluck Sign Up Sheet Template

Potluck dinner is common in a groups of community or religious groups. In potluck dinner, each person in a group contribute food and/or drink for the dinner so the meal planning will be simpler and cost will be easier to distribute among participant. The organizer of the potluck gathering will use sheet of potluck sign up that commonly contain information of the potluck dinner such as date, event, host, and location at the upper part of the sheet. Two columns is the common way to give space for the name of participant and space for “what to bring”.

Potluck Sign Up Sheet Template for Word

Potluck Sign Up Sheet Template

Participant who agree a head of time to bring a dish will fill the “what to bring” space in the potluck sign up. Since each participant agrees to bring a single course, in the time of potluck dinner, the group will have multi-course meal for all the guests. Type of food to bring could be in any form. It could be main course, or desserts or anything. In United States, the common dishes for potlucks are Crockpot, casseroles, jello salads, and dessert bars.

With the sheet on the hand, it will be easier for the organizer to remind participants about the food they need to bring in the event of potluck. A simple template of potluck sign up with two columns makes it easy for you to manage your potluck event. In the ‘name’ column, you only need to write person name and the food to bring in the next column. The template could be printed for manual write or you can have it on your laptop, type the information, and print it with copies to be distributed to all participants.

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