Memo Template

By | November 5, 2017

A memo can function as a reminder. We can take an example. A manager of a company gives a piece of paper to his secretary. That paper consists of messages that will be forwarded to a certain person who works in the same office. In this case, people will call that piece of paper as an internal memo. Its design covers a letterhead that specifically mentions the company name. You can make one for your own using a program like Microsoft Word. If you are looking for a reference, you can download the template below.

Memo Template

The internal memo also covers important information on the memo sender and receiver. The name of the sender, the title of the sender, and the department where the sender works should be explained by that memo. The same goes to the receiver. Below that point, a memo can also be forwarded to someone else. The sender should specify it though, along with the message and its date.

The memo is quite simple, so you can create it easily. However, some of you might encounter little difficulties with the memo letterhead, something that needs to be downloaded from a specific site that is capable of providing a template for company letterhead. In memo template below, you can find general information as stated above. It could be different in some companies due to their policy and other important information that needs to be put. You can copy its format to your letterhead letter template, or to blank Word page. Then you can print it in your format letterhead paper.

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