Hotel Room Cleaning Schedule Template


Hotel room cleaning schedule template is a blank template to plan your hotel room cleaning schedule. Cleaning the hotel can be wasting work and loss of time. That’s the reason why you need to put some planning, especially if your hotel hasn’t much manpower. If you have limited manpower, you haven’t to spend of your manpower time to clean all of the rooms. There are some hotel rooms cleaning activities that your manpower can do everyday, for example clean bathroom, clean the guest room, and clean the bed room. Probably there are others that you might put into your daily cleaning schedule.

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Hotel Room Cleaning Schedule Template

There are other activities that you have to do it once, twice, or three times a week. You should make a reminder of these activities to prevent you from skipping those tasks. Some examples of those non daily activities are vacuuming your couch, cleaning the closets, cleaning refrigerator, cleaning washing machine, cleaning kitchen room, cleaning staff room, and also cleaning receptionist room. In cleaning activity, you can give the task to your manpower. This task is also called to do list. In the hotel room cleaning schedule template, the task is described in special column.

To increase productivity, you need to get routine schedule for your manpower. You can get hotel room cleaning schedule template to make your work easy. This template should help you manage your weekly cleaning activities, and daily activities. As a manager or owner of the hotel, you can cross check the activity that your manpower have been done.

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