Christmas Wish List Template

By | December 12, 2012

Santa is coming to town… And you haven’t had your wish? This is not a song. Go make one wish. If Santa cannot hear you, you might write him your wish and send it to him through your Dad or Mom :). Just write in a piece of paper… or if you want to have more colorful paper, you can download this template. There are 4 wish list cards in one letter-size paper, and you can pick one. Or, you can change its picture by browsing in Microsoft Word clip art library. Then you can print and cut the paper into 4 pieces and start to write your wishes. If you have no intention of using this template, perhaps you can inform your friends or colleagues to use this template, or if you are kind enough, you can just download, print, and distribute it among your friends within your neighborhood.

Christmas Wish List Template for MS Word

Christmas Wish List Template

There is nothing more happier than having your wish come true in Christmas eve. No matter from whom you will receive your gifts. It means, all of your hard work or good deed are paid off. And you know, for some people, they don’t expect toys, dresses, dolls, etc as their presents. Being loved by someone they care could be the greatest gift of all.

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