Billing Statement Template

A credit card is a common item that people have. Every month, the credit card companies will send out their billing statements to their customers. This is actually the recap or summary of all activities that people do with their credit card during the previous 30 day cycle. In this statement, people can see the complete list of products that they have bought with their credit cards.

Billing Statement Template for Microsoft Word

Billing Statement Template

Nowadays, the credit card companies prefer to send their billing statements through email because it is easier to use, faster to reach the customer places and less paper to be used. Although this kind of information is generally used by the credit card companies, now it has also been used by other service companies. Recently, the billing statements have been used by the cable television companies, insurance companies, Stock Companies and many other service companies.

The company which uses billing statements to inform their customers about the transaction regarding their service from the company can easily use the word templates either created by their own or use some references which are founded in internet. This template below is just one of those samples that people can use as a reference. The statements will give several information such as company name and address, customer name and address, list of transactions regarding the service (date, description, currency,  amount and other necessary information). The credit card billing statements will also inform their customer credit limits, current balance, total charges and other information. Using this way, the customers will have the record of every transaction made and obliged to be paid right on time. Otherwise, the customers will get a penalty from their creditor.

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