Announcement: Mass Printing Certificate Templates

Mass Printing Certificate Templates are certificate templates created with Microsoft Word mail-merge function that will allow you to use excel database as the data feed and print it at once. It will be useful if you want to generate and print certificates for hundreds of people/students who have finished your training or seminar events, or… Read More »

Vendor Registration Form Template

The vendor registration form might be such the thing which is totally needed if you are interested in organizing an event or even want to establish a community which the business vendors might register, as like by organizing such a business exhibition in particular theme or particular field, for example the mom and baby exhibition.… Read More »

Fund Manager Job Description Template

A Fund Manager is an employee/department of a company, commonly financial institution like bank or insurance companies, that manages the investment of money on its own behalf or on that of an outside client. Why a fund manager is needed? Because he can give you financial advice on investing on certain financial product that in… Read More »

Event Organizer Job Description Template

Event Organizer is a person or a company who responsible to organize any preparation before and during specific event in specific location and time. Big events, like music or exhibition events usually use this party to make sure the event is running well. They will select and arrange most suitable location and time, they will… Read More »

Financial Analyst Job Description Template

Financial analyst job description template is a Microsoft Word template with list of duties and responsibilities for people who work as financial analyst. They are general jobs and description, though. You might have more and lesser tasks where it depends on type and scale or your company. If you managed a group of financial staffs,… Read More »

Patient Registration Form Template

Patient Registration Form is a printed form that is required by every hospital to register a patient that is going to have medical service in the hospital. The registration form is only required for those who are new or will become the hospital’s patient for the first time. Besides, the registration form is also needed… Read More »

Event Registration Form Template

Talking about event registration process, it is really important for you to really know about what is important to get prepared. That is including about the preparation of the event registration form. That sounds trivia but actually that is the essential detail which could not be forgotten when we are dealing with any kinds of… Read More »

Internship Agreement Template

During the school holiday, you might consider for hire the intern for your business. When you are going to have internship employee, here are some tips for your Internship Agreement Template. The first thing that you need to consider for your internship agreement is you need to keep it in simple. This will make you… Read More »

Drop Ship Contract Template

Get the Drop Ship Contract Template that available to use for drop ship supplier, vendors, and many more.  The drop ship or in other word is called with direct shipping is a supply chain for business distribution where the vendors transfer the purchase order and the shipment details to the supplier or wholesaler. The supplier… Read More »

Artist Management Contract Template

People who work in creative industry might need this contract in one way or another. It might be necessary for artists to arrange a contract that would protect their rights and enforce their obligations upon their clients’ needs. Between the client and the manager, an artist management contract can be used as a shield to… Read More »

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